“Daycare and boarding services is what Management and staff specialize at this resort.”

“Imagine yourself driving by manicured lawns and green lush gardens that surround a private dwelling. Behind all of this, every guest can leisurely stroll their way to the main operation of this resort. It is here that you know and feel that there is something very special and unique that each guest will experience.

As you enter, management and staff will greet you with their warm gestures and smiles. You know already that you will be served and accommodated the way that only a five-star hotel will offer. Mini swimming pools, play balls, lots of treats, food and of course …… refreshments to quench your noon hour thirst.

Any special needs and concerns will be addressed in a very professional manner. This resort prides on the total care and comfort of their guests.

When the sun goes down with some guests retiring to their room, while others say goodbye, you can reminisce your day, knowing that you have made new friends and some to return once again, to see old friends.

4 Paws Resort offers all of this and much more for your precious loved one. Daycare and boarding services are what Management and staff specialize at this resort. It is evident each dog, large or small, leave this place with a “good feeling” experience.”

Janice Gallant