Telling Tails

A story of how your pet may experience our pet resort and boarding services.

Imagine you are young, innocent and vulnerable. Our professional and friendly Pet Care Attendant gets down to your level to make friends with you. You are hesitant to go with her for a walk but with encouragement and positive commands, you follow. She will take to your room that is bright, smells clean and fresh and where music plays. In your room are a comfortable bed, fresh water, and a treat, toys that your owner brought for you.

4 Paws Pet Resort Best Dog BoardingYou sense there are others of your kind in the building, and they are relaxed, happy and some are excited that you have come back to vacation with us. Your Care Attendant talks too you for a while to help you settle in your room. You feel a bit lonely but your bedding from home is there to snuggle into, familiar toys that smell home are there too, and you are soon distracted by something you were given that is both chewy and tasty.

Just as you were beginning to get bored, your new friend ( Care Attendant) comes back to take you outside to socialize, exercise and play with other 4 legged friends. You are able to burn off lots of energy and play games too and you come back feeling relaxed and sleepy.  When its time to eat, your Care Attendant will prepare and serve you a nice meal with treats that your owner brought from home. She will also give you your medication if required. You will be eating in the comfort of your own room without interruption.

We will now let you rest after your meal and later we will come back to get you so you can go outside for more fresh air and play time with your furry friends. Throughout the day, you will not be lonely as our Care Attendant will come and see you in your room to give you belly rubs and talk to you. She will also make sure you get plenty of exercise outside and one on one time with your friends so that you get a good night sleep. Later in the night, we will come back
and let you out again and tuck you in for the night.

4 Paws Care AttendantsThe next morning, Our Care Attendants comes to see you and take you outside. They are happy and friendly and spend some time with you. They let you outside to do your business and play with your friends while they tidy up and clean your room, provide you with fresh water and feeds you your nice meal.  Later they will come back to get you for another supervised play time with the 4 legged friends. When you are tired they will bring you back inside to your room and can settle down contently again for a while. There is no noise and no disturbance so you get plenty of rest.

Soon you know the routine and can look forward to the next event and play date.

Sometimes other friends are brought to their room and can be noisy.. But we try to minimize the sound level so you can relax and enjoy your time with us stress-free.  Your Care Attendant and friends are very important to you. They keep you safe, bring all the things you need and provide you with love and support. They seem to understand you when you are happy, excited, sad or worried and they will always make sure that you are feeling good at all times

Thanks to them you feel secure and happy and now you have got used to it, your vacation with us is not too bad at all and you are having a great time.

~ 4 Paws Pet Resort Inc.