Your All Inclusive Pet Resort!

Our first-class, all inclusive pet resort was created for your best friend’s comfort & well-being in mind.  We are open 7 days/week and on weekends.

Dear Valued Customers,

At this time, we are no longer able to accept new boarding, daycare and grooming clients.  We appreciate your patience as we work towards welcoming new clients in the near future.

~ Your 4 Paws Team

Short & Long Term Boarding

We board all sizes and breeds including overnight boarding, weekend boarding, and short & long term stays.

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Designed for fun in mind, Come and lets play! This lifetime skill is the best gift you can ever give your pet and family.

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Pet Grooming

One-on-one grooming, with a walk-in shower, proven to be less stressful for the dogs and easier to bath and pamper!

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Book Your Pet Today!

Whether you are looking for dog boarding, doggie daycare, or pet grooming we highly recommend booking ahead several days in advance to be sure we can meet your needs!

Telling Tails. A story of how your pet may experience our pet resort and boarding services.

Imagine you are young, innocent and vulnerable. Our professional and friendly Pet Care Attendant gets down to your level to make friends with you.You are hesitant to go with her for a walk but with encouragement and positive commands, you follow.

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Welcome to 4 Paws Pet Resort

Welcome to 4 Paws Pet Resort!  This resort has had long been a dream of ours and was created as a first class all inclusive pet resort with your best friend’s comfort & well being in mind.  We’d be more than happy to share our dream with you and arrange a personal tour of our resort.  Click here to learn more about 4 Paws Pet Resort and the owners.

Comfortable Stay

We offer indoor kennels which include bowls for freshwater and raised beds. Our facility is equipped with air exchangers for lots of fresh air, as well as air conditioning units for those hot summer days.  Click here to learn more about our long and short-term dog boarding services.

Doggie DayCare

We have a total of 8 play areas for your dogs to play, socialize and get plenty of exercise. We also have nice shelters for protection against the elements.  Pools in the summer. Toys and balls are provided! Click here to learn about our doggie daycare services.

Dog Grooming

A dogs coat is very important, it is who they are! Keeping on top of your pets grooming is vital to their health no matter what the breed. Keeping their faces and feet clean, their fur washed and skin cared for, their coats free of mats, the list goes on depending on the breed! Click here to learn more about our grooming services.

All Around Good Time!

Our services are offered all times of the year.  The 4 Paws team and facility is well equipped to handle dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.  If you would like to learn more information or if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Click here to view our contact information and map of our location.